Deliccimo Food Co. born in 2017, like any startup, not in a garage but in a living room, with the desire to revolutionise a sector that had remained immobile for too many years.

We´re a Danish food, dessert and bevarege supplier/manufacturer company with its production in a countries such as Italy, Porutal, Spain and Belgium. We are able to fascinate thanks our production companies that has thousands years of traditional experiences in

authentic food, wine and culture made of excellences.

So we started our first food production in Italy, a region in Tuscany with the mission of producing products of centuries-old tradition food with a protagonists and great standards for our customers.

But we didn’t stop there, Instead we pledged our goal to replicate of authentic and heritage food into a premium brand "Deliccimo". So in 2021 Deliccimo Food Co. and Deliccimo Boutique was born, a new kind of grocery dedicated store with hiqh-end products produced by Deliccimo Food companies from all Mediterranean countries.

Deliccimo Food Co. produces food type such alpine cheeses, artisanal cold cuts, extra virgin olive oils,  50 years old balsamic vinegar, exclusive caviars, noblest wines and the most historic desserts.

We exist to help our customers to discover the true essence of gourmet food, an experience made up of exquisite tastes and extraordinary products, by making you part of our traditions.

Francesca Pereni

Key Account Manager & Head Of Retail

Miriam Anthony

Head Of Marketing & PR

Philip Danielsen

Export Manager

Joe Smith

Brand Manager

Enzo Nericcio

Chief Operating Officer

Freya Arvidsson

Head of Production & Development

Christopher Nielsen

Team Leader Production

Alexander Craft

Sales Coordinator

Stephanie Floyd

Head Of Finance

Pablo Altera

Controller & IT-Support

Rebecca Pettersson

Head Of Sales & Representative

Matheus Harysson

Warehouse  Manager

Jessica Strindberg

CSR & Communication Manager

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